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Spears & Arrows

Director Nicholas Piper elevates his innovative storytelling chops to include passage of time, match cutting, seamless camera moves and emotional performances. Travelers Insurance may transform you back to your childhood, or remind you of your own child’s maturation. This heartwarming chapter shows us how to turn the page and to embrace the future.

Spears & Arrows
Nicholas Piper: Director
Jason Wolk: Founder | Managing Director
Rocky Bice: Line Producer
Justin Cormier: Prod. Supervisor
Kristian Kachikis: DP
Michael Dignum: 1st AD
John Franco: Gaffer
Brady Aaron McElroy: Key Grip
Francis Whitebloom: Prod. Design
Allyson Joyner: Make-Up
Laura Rundquist: Wardrobe
Kevin Briles: Location Manager
Raymond Steege: Asst. Prod Supervisor
Jeff Benard: VTR
Frank Galvan: Sound Mixer
Richard Carlson: 1st AC
Casey Sherrier: DIT
Shane Dignum: 2nd AD
Craig Houchin: HOP
James Stern: CFO
Michel Reynaud: S&A Coordinator

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Spears & Arrows

Comedy maestro, director David Hicks, misdirects us with this funny office exchange. Check out his new work for Ontario Pork!


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The tag line is “Many ways to Pork?” Thats brilliant !!!

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Spears & Arrows

Director Ago Panini creates new auto work showcasing his distinctive taste.

Ago is intertnationally known as an auto, celeb and fashion director. In his latest spot for Lancia, Ago brings those three speciailized skills together to introduce this unique vehicle to Italy.

Bellísimo !


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Ago has been right up there for a long time. Great work.

Fun! Love it!

Very cool!

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Spears & Arrows

Director Phil Brown and Spears & Arrows were over the moon shooting real people on-location in North Carolina. Food Lion Feeds aims to end hunger and food insecurity in their communities. We were delighted to capture their real stories and help them with cinematic stories. Thank you to Food Lion and GSD&M for creating nourishment in the most vulnerable neighborhoods where families wonder where their next meal comes from.

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Spears & Arrows

Pandemic production of commercials resumed in June 2020. In September, director Arni Thor Jonsson hit the road to Durant, Oklahoma to reconnect with our loyal clients at The Richards Group for Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

Arni shot 2 spots in the Choctaw heartland working directly with indigenous Native Americans, both on-camera and behind the camera. We love to tell stories and create messaging which impacts lives. Thank you to TRG and the Choctaw Nation for your continued trust, and for enriching our creative pulse.

Arni Thor Jonsson: Director
Jason Wolk: Founder | Managing Director
Rocky Bice: Line Producer
Taeko Masuyama: Prod. Supervisor
Peter Simonite: DOP

David Morring: Brand Creative Group Head | Writer
Tim Tone: Brand Creative Group Head | Art Director
Amanda Jackson: Art Director
JT Steinert: Writer
Rhonda Contreras: Brand Management | Principal
Amy McCall: Business Affairs
Lynn Louria Producer

Sarah Oro: Sr. Director of Brand Marketing
Sara Adams: Marketing Director
Tom Anthony: Creative Director
Kaley Green: Marketing Director
Jennifer Madden: Marketing Specialist

SPEARS & ARROWS (continued)
Gleason Barber: 1st AD
Dana Sherman: 2nd AD
Raphie Del Mese: Asst. Prod. Supervisor
Juan Romero: Gaffer
Jeff McWhorter: Key Grip
Vince Monsaint: Ronin Op
Stephanie Marett: Prop Master
Katie Murphy: Wardrobe Stylist
Krista Perry: Make-Up
Brad Grubaugh (Goodrebel): Sales
Craig Houchin: Head of Production
@James Stern: CFO

Lucky Post
Liza Moore: Editor
Music: Shindig


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That’s so awesome!!!!!! ❣️❣️❣️

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