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Spears & Arrows

Spring has sprung for JCPenney!

It’s been a year since family and friends celebrated together. Reconnecting and laughing are cornerstones of our health. And, this group of amazing actors had the time of their life.

Director Don Broida shares the warmth & joy.

#2 of 3 spots dropped.

Spears & Arrows
Don Broida: Director
Jason Wolk: Founder & Managing Director
Merilee Allyn Newman: Line Producer
David G Wilson: DP
Kelly Gunning: Production Designer
Kim Johnson: Wardrobe Stylist
Justin Cormier: Production Supervisor
Buffalo Casting: Casting (Austin)
Brad Grubaugh: Sales

Robin Beuthin: VP Creative & Brand Synergy
Jill Feldman: VP Marketing
Shelley Swan: Brand Marketing Director
Monica Navarro: Senior Marketing Specialist
Lucinda Simmons: Creative Director
Kelsey Walter: Senior Creative Manager/Copy
Elda Marroquin: Senior Creative Manager/Art
Tara Geraghty: Sr. Director Creative Services & Operations
Jamie Sancen: Director Photography Production & Operations
Bertha Salazar: Senior Styling Director
Bruna Saavedra: Director Project Management
Kelly Palmer: Project Manager
Kathleen Cram Torres: Executive Producer

S&A (Austin)
Andi Budman Hakes: 1st AD
Vanessa Gaitan: 2nd AD
Raven Bosch: Asst. Prod. Supervisor
Rob Janecka: Gaffer
Greg Lomas: Key Grip
David Gleason: DIT
Michael Thomas: Make-Up
Paul LeBlanc: VTR
Jason Manzano: Sound Mixer
Dallas Cloud: Locations

Lucky Post
Logan Hefflefinger: Editor
Seth Michael Olson: Animation/VFX Artist
Jake Odgers: Assistant Editor/Junior Animation Artist
Jessica Coats Berry: Executive Producer

Brian Flores: Creative Director
John Hunter: Creative Director
Jon Slott: Executive Producer

3 weeks ago

Spears & Arrows

Director Don Broida delivers story and design!

Broida continues his graphic composition, designed frames and modern camera language with this spot for Value City Furniture. A nurse endures the same rituals every day during the pandemic but her extraordinary sofa keeps everything new-new.

3 weeks ago

Spears & Arrows

Blast off with director Mick Wong!

Mick’s new work for the Ministry of Defence humanizes the people who perform extraordinary acts of bravery. Mick brings the action with his immersive camera language and succinct usage of sound. He also celebrates the magic and wonder of technology.

This epic but intimate glimpse at warfare reminds us that teamwork is the best form of unification, both in the armed forces AND production!


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This is dope! Another S&A home run.

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