WE're opening up!

opening up!

The dark clouds are beginning to part. Countries, states, and cities are beginning to open up, beginning to allow production, beginning to enter the next phase of our ‘new normal.’

During the downtime, we have been preparing for our return to work by keeping abreast of production activity worldwide, researching remote technologies, and devising safety protocols and best practices to keep our cast, crew, and clients safe and healthy.

With over a dozen talented directors living and working in countries around the world, all of which are in various states of re-opening, we at SPEARS & ARROWS are prepared to do now what we have always done: work with our clients to provide solutions and produce stand-out content that moves, touches, inspires, and motivates our viewers.

We hold the importance of storytelling right up there with the essential necessities of life. We believe that, like food and water for our bodies, story feeds our imaginations and sustains our souls.

Now, in the shadow of COVID-19, that mission is more important than ever.

Shooting – now and in the future

Spears & Arrows represents directors all over the world. That gives us the unique ability to produce traditional live-action content anywhere in the world that Covid-19 is not flaring.

Yes, things are opening up — but COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future. Cities and countries may open and close and open again, as the disease ebbs and flows around the globe. So, how do we move forward? By doing what we have always done.

We adapt. We work. We thrive.

We take common sense precautions and observe health safety protocols. We look out for our own health and we look out for the health of our crews, actors, and clients.

Right now and into the future, we can shoot using the following methods:

Traditional Live-Action. Our international directors can shoot traditional live-action in open cities around the globe. This means that our directors, crews, and actors can assemble, cast, prep, and work somewhat like we used to (with added safety protocols). Agencies and clients can travel to these shoots or use remote video feeds to attend the shoots from the comfort and safety of their homes or offices.

Remote Direction. Our directors can direct remotely using local crews and talent in open cities worldwide.

Multi-Director Projects. If international travel is not possible or is undesirable, our team of international directors can work together on a single project, or multi-spot package, to provide creative content from anywhere in the world: USA, Canada, Europe, Iceland, Australia, and South Africa. Our director in Rome, Ago Panini, has already been part of just such a multi-director project for Vodafone.

Shelter-at-Home Productions. In the event that shelter-at-home once again becomes necessary, our directors are prepared to shoot within their quarantine zones. Spears & Arrows has been creating and shooting throughout the pandemic. To showcase our shelter-at-home capabilities, we are producing a series of short films about living and thriving under quarantine. Our directors live and work in cities throughout North America, Europe, and South Africa. Using their quarantined households and resources, they are creating unique and diverse glimpses of life during this global event.

We have produced four films to date. To view them click here.

Remote production & video village

We can offer remote scouting, casting, production prep, and even shooting and post, if needed. If agencies or clients don’t wish to or can’t afford to send large contingents to attend shoots, we can provide a thorough and immersive remote experience through existing technology. This is a new era and we believe that the demand for remote production, viewing, collaborating, and directing will only increase.


one stop production


We share our Los Angeles office with Cutters editorial and Flavor VFX, and have partnered with them on numerous projects that required an ‘all-in’ production through post solution. They have a dedicated online server connecting all of their worldwide offices and all of their editors and artists are able to work remotely. Our directors can provide creative direction for any project requiring editorial, design, motion graphics, or animation.



USA • Canada • Iceland • UK • Europe • South Africa • Australia

All of our directors work internationally and have shot on every continent but Antarctica. (And we’d like to check that one off our bucket list. So if you write it, we’ll shoot it.)

However, during this unique moment in history with travel uncertainty and countries opening at different times and at different paces, we understand that where a director is in the world can be an important factor.

So here’s the scoop.


Los Angeles

Don is a director and editor with a deep and nuanced sense for pacing, story, character, and emotion. Don is game for anything. He’ll travel to the ends of the earth (i.e., Antarctica – hint, hint) or create a film in his own backyard.

Phil Brown


Phil Brown has a camera in his hands almost constantly—a Canon 7D to be precise. He carries it with him on every job to capture additional footage that always adds scope and richness to his spots.


Cape Town

Robin Goode is an award winning director, photographer, and visual artist who creates films that are beautiful, immersive, and full of unique, fully-realized characters. And, as Cape Town opened many weeks ago, Robin has had the opportunity to work in this new reality of ours. He very successfully shot a spot with the agency and client attending virtually.



David’s past life was as an editor, so he possess a very developed sense of storytelling and the ability to shoot for the edit.

Arni Thor Jonsson

Iceland • Los Angeles

Arni is a descendant of Vikings and is living proof that they had a sensitive side. His films are warm, humorous, and touching slices of humanity. He also owns one of the oldest and most established production service companies in Reykjavik, also a long-time partner of ours, Republik Film Productions.


Rome • EU

Ago lives within sight of the Basilica and his favorite restaurant. Art and food are highly valued but they are only a couple of the many genres his unique storytelling has mastered. He shoots celebrities, cars, drama, and humor with a hand- waving passion that you must experience.

Nick Piper

Paris • Prague • EU

Nick specializes in authentic performances, visual storytelling, and the occasional mind-bending warp of time and space. Just watch his reel. You’ll see what we mean.

Michael Shapiro

Los Angeles

Michael Shapiro specializes in sumptuous visuals, naturalistic performances and, emotionally honest storytelling.

David Stoddart

Los Angeles • UK

David has made a career out of directing virtually. He began his career as an award winning hidden camera director, and then created his own genre called “discreet camera” utilizing remote direction. So, the current conditions are business as usual for him.

Michael Uppendahl

Los Angeles

Michael Uppendahl is an award-winning television director (American Horror Story, Mad Men, Ray Donovan, The Walking Dead, Fargo). His latest project, Hollywood, just began airing on Netflix.


Berlin • EU

Bernd “Wondo” Wondollek is a director/DP who shoots around the globe for iconic automotive brands, including Audi, Porsche, Chevrolet, Bugatti, and Mercedes Benz. He is widely considered to be one of the best Russian Arm DP’s in the world. Give him a car and he’ll shoot the sh*t out of it.

Mick Wong

Australia • UK

Mick’s work is beautiful, ethereal, emotional, and honest. Whether it’s cars, technology, insurance, or biscuits, he makes you feel it.


While the world was sheltering at home, Spears & Arrows produced these short films about life during the pandemic.


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